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We Did Not Land on the Moon

NASA first landed three astronauts successfully on the moon in 1969, when such a thing still felt like science fiction, nobody doubted it. Recently, a NASA probe photographed objects more than 6 billion Km from earth, farther out than Pluto. There is a growing tide of disbelievers who are certain that our government lied to us and the Apollo moon landing was actually staged, and people even believe that it was possibly filmed in a Hollywood sound studio.

Yet just a few years later, some people claimed the “giant leap for mankind” had been faked. Conspiracy theories that the moon landing was actually a hoax that the U.S. government had staged to win the race with the USSR began to gain traction in the 70'S. The initial claims the moon landing was staged came at a time when the Pentagon Papers and Watergate and it caused people to have doubt in their government.

If you look at the American flag in still pictures from the Apollo 11 mission, it appears to be flapping in the wind. But how can that be, since there’s no wind on the moon?

Grant it, the flag isn’t an ordinary flag. If the astronauts had planted a regular flag on the moon, it would’ve hung slack like flags do on Earth when there’s no wind. This wouldn’t make for a very appealing photo, so NASA designed special flags for astronauts to take with them.

In video images of the flag, you can see it only moves while the astronauts are grinding it into the moon’s surface.

The exposure on the astronauts’ cameras was too short to capture the space suits and the moon’s surface while also capturing the comparatively dimmer stars. The same thing happens if you go onto someone’s back porch at night and turn on the lights. Even though you can see the stars from where you’re standing, a quick-exposure camera won’t be able to capture them.


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