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Titanic or Olympic?

The Titanic has brought up some of the biggest questions since its sinking. But, not many people know that the Olympic, an equally large boat, was sailing long before the Titanic. It collided with another boat, and the captain, Edward Smith, is to blame. They did not get any of the money back from insurance and Smith eventually became the captain of the Titanic. He ended up going down with his ship and let his soul rest in peace.

Some believe also that the Olympic was repaired quickly with parts from the Titanic and set sail in its place. Those theories were later thrown away when diving crews found original parts from the Titanic in the wreckage.

Some say that the wreck was deliberate, for the sake of money and insurance. But no one knows the reasons for why it sunk in the first place, it had been going way too fast in the pitch black through icebergs. Is no one going to question why the captain maintained the speeds he did with all the treachery around him?

There are other reports of the boat being attacked by a German U-boat and that it was the Pharaoh's Curse but they are really far fetched. First of all, why would a German U-boat want to sink a ship full of mainly Irish people, and Americans? It was only two years before the start of World War I which makes the hatred behind the Germans more reasonable, but they were all just innocent people on board. The questions that lie with the Curse well I think I can write a series of blogs on just curses. The whole premise behind the sinking of the Titanic is questionable, tell me what you think.

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