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Area 51, Aliens or No?

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

By now, everyone knows that Area 51 is one of the most secretive places on Earth. No one knows what lies in this base and if you do, you are sworn into secrecy. Area 51 is known to have aliens or other species unknown to man. But in my opinion, it has none of that. First of all, why would the government hold aliens exactly where we think they are holding them? Why would they do this when everyone who knows about the area either thinks it has aliens or spaceships in it. There are many hidden bunkers all over the United States where they could easily hide these aliens if they even exist. The government does so much in order to protect their private information which is why they have fake bunkers and restricted areas in certain spots. The population knows as much of our own United States secrets as we know about the ocean. Which is about 5% knowledge on it.

In my opinion, they are hiding military equipment and other new technology in the base. With the small possibility of aliens being alive, if they were they would be in a secret bunker. Tell me what you think about Area 51 in the chat. Where do you think they would be holding aliens if they were here?


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