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Hidden Cancer Cure?

You must have heard about this conspiracy by now. The cure for cancer may exist, but the government and pharmaceutical companies may be suppressing it due to the amount of money that the cancer market makes each year. Here is a stat for you, around 8 million people die a year from cancer. 8 million. That is the same as the entire population of Switzerland dying each year. The cancer market brought in $5.69 billion in 2018 alone for the National Cancer Institute, for example, a leading funder of scientific and medical research in the U.S. They make so much money each year from cancer treatment, other costs of medicine, and the proper equipment. They are essentially letting the population die because of the greed of money.

There are numerous forms that cancer can take and attack ones body. Some are not life-threatening while others can cause extreme pain and possible death. They let so many people suffer this pain each year and do not seem to care at all. There have been reported drugs that have been around the market that actually cure cancer but no one has officially tested it and proved it.

Everything is about money, and if the government know that if they were to release the cure that hospitals would lose copious amounts of money and so will many other businesses. In order to avoid that from happening, they prefer to not give up the cure and let millions of people die from cancer year around. The cure for cancer is not some crazy secret, a lot of natural remedies are known to reduce cancer and in extreme cases, even cure it. Chemo kills numerous people, and it keeps cancer patients and their loved ones in and out of hospitals. Cancer is most likely caused from the chemicals we put in our bodies, including the foods we eat nowadays, and the drinks we put in our bodies.

Think about all the money that is being made from cancer treatment. Also they want to keep the population low. If you think about it why would they tell us? To make less money and have more old people on Government programs? What do you think is really happening in the cancer business? Let us know in the comments or the chat your opinion on the matter.


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