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The School System

Updated: Nov 17, 2019

We need to educate the youth is one of the most used phrases nowadays. We need to educate the youth with an outdated schooling system that systematically sets up certain kids for failure. Let me ask you, if you gave a test to a monkey and an elephant to climb a tree and retrieve and apple, who do you think would win? This is practically what the standardized tests are. Every kid learns at a different pace and some people need more time to grasp concepts. So, why does the schooling system expect everyone to learn to same material at the same pace? Testing does not test how much the student knows, it tests which students have the best memorization. The schooling curriculum from middle school to college is out of date and does not teach kids the fundamentals of knowledge and life. It seems as if the schooling system has set students up for failure for a long time. The letter grade system, which is out of date, defines your work as good or terrible. The schooling system in my opinion is made to set students up for failure. Kids never learn how to write a check, how to do taxes, how to fix a flat tire, and other basic necessities of life. It is just strange to me that high school students must take history, math, english, foreign language, and a science. History does not change, we learn history as we experience new things. Science is one of the most important subjects because it tries to explain why we are here and how it happened. But other classes? Why do we have them?

In my opinion, we need to teach children at a young age the correct way to act, and as they get older introduce more etiquette into their life and not scold them for bad behavior. Some kids will never need to learn how to calculate the gravitational force of a box when colliding with the ground. More varieties of classes should be introduced so that students can witness creativity. Tell me what you think about the schooling system and how it can be improved.


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