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Denver Airport, real or a cover up?

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

The Denver International Airport opened officially in 1995, and immediately conspiracists believed there was something more to it. First of all it is huge, almost twice the size of Manhattan and costed $2 billion to make. It has countless murals and other art that makes people question the true reason behind why this enormous airport was built.

It has a huge statue of a horse with "fiery and glowing eyes" on it is one of the many things causing people to wonder about the airport. The statue even fell on and killed the sculptor of the huge statue. There are murals of the devil and the Egyptian God of Death all over the enormous airport. One mural is America submitting to Germany which is sort of a World War II tribute you could say.

Some people say that it was built by a Nazi-group, while others think its the illuminati headquarters. A big conspiracy is that there are apocalyptic looking murals and murals of populations being wiped out. Some people think that it's hiding fallout shelters because of the large amount of tunnels and enormous space under the airport. No one knows why there are so many tunnels but there are miles and miles of tunnels for no explained reason.

What do you think is the reason behind the Denver International Airport? Let me know what you think it is used for mainly and the reason behind the large space and tunnels in the chat or comments.


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